Hello World!

I’m not really sure what to write here for a first blog post but here goes.

Hi, my name is Mary Collins and I am a Creative Writing student trying to break into the writing world. I have started a few novels to no avail but hopefully over the coming year I will be able to write something more substantial. I am engaged to be married in 2016 and shortly after I will be moving to Australia for a year.

The reason I set up this blog was to create and engage in discussion with others, who like me, enjoy reading. The reviews will range from classic books to thrillers to science fiction. As time goes on and you like my blog (which I hope you do) you can recommend books for me to read and write about through twitter @Mary94Collins, don’t be afraid, I don’t bite!

I may do the occasional post about some writing I am doing in uni, if you see one of these and think “My God, what is that girl doing?!” Please tell me, all feedback good or not is appreciated as any student or author will tell you. You can get in contact with me through twitter or here but for feedback I ask that you do it through my blog so I don’t have to go searching for it elsewhere.



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