Alone in the Dark – Karen Rose

The latest in Karen Roses series set in Cincinnati following Detective Scarlett Bishop as she hunts for the leader in a trafficking operation. The story begins when Scarlet meets Marcus, a reporter who is brought into the world of trafficking after attempting to help a woman with whom he has only just met. From that moment on the story propels forward at Rose’s set, fast pace. Like most of her other books it follows the same plot type however, with her recent books it goes into the minds of her antagonists as well as her protagonists. A welcome small, change to her books.

Like always it was nice for one of Rose’s secondary protagonists from her previous books to become the main protagonist. Scarlett to me is one of the feistiest women that Rose has written. Her determination is matched by her desire to help others. Unlike some of her other female leads Scarlett’s deeper problems do not stem from a form of abuse like some of her other leads do, it stems from her wanting to be the best she can, helping as many people as possible; much like Marcus.

Marcus takes on the role of the male protector except, that Scarlett doesn’t need protecting. Throughout most of the novel Scarlett spends most of time trying to protect him. They make the perfect match for one another in a whirlwind romance that has been building since the previous book. Marcus’s ties to the newspaper offer a new perspective to the case and how other reporters would look to exploit the situation he finds himself in for their benefit. His team are loyal to a fault with their own backstories which are just as interesting as Scarlett’s and Marcus’s. I really hope that Rose keeps them or at least brings them back for another book.

I have always enjoyed the “guessing” element of Rose’s books, trying to figure out the killer (and I once worked it out!), but since Rose has started to look into the antagonists minds I have found myself enjoying looking into their lives and their motivations. I love seeing how they link to the protagonist(s) and how they unfold throughout the story.

With any crime book I have always enjoyed working it out along with characters but now I love seeing how the characters work it out and how they interact with one another. While the books may follow the same setup each one is completely individual and I can’t wait for the next book; I already have an idea who it might be about next. I just hope that I’m right.


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