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Supernatural, Mythmaker – Tim Waggoner

There will obviously be spoilers for season 10 as the book is set during this season.


A new adventure starring the Winchester brothers in all of their hunting glory as they search the town of Corinth for Gods into the town; as with any Supernatural story line the boys roll into town, fight evil and leave victorious but it’s hard to fight an evil that neither of them have properly encountered before.

Set in season 10 Dean has the Mark of Cain on his arm which I feared would become a focal point for the novel. Thankfully Waggoner steers clear of delving too deep into what the Mark is capable of, only mentioning a few times throughout the book. Season 10 was not my favourite season for this reason; it focused too much on the Mark instead of the men and hunting, something that was lacking for a couple of seasons before hand. But that’s enough about my opinion of the TV series, now to the book.

This is the first Supernatural book I have read thanks to Titan Books and I’m glad that I read it. I worried when the book was on its way that Waggoner would not be able to capture the brothers in the same way at the TV series and they would be lacking in comparison. I was happily mistaken. He has portrayed them so accurately from their mannerisms to their speech that while I was reading I could picture them in my head vividly. Possibly, at times, they were too “Sam and Dean” in their speech and actions but, it helped me slip back into the Supernatural world.

As well as the brother we have the Gods and their human “priests” to aid them in becoming the ultimate god through an Apotheosis. The Gods seemed clichéd in the beginning but as the book comes to its conclusion and the mysterious painting girl is brought to the forefront it is loosely explained why they are.

I liked the book but as an avid watcher of the series I found that there were some big “info-dumps” in the book, especially in the beginning. This is understandable, for anybody coming to the series for the first time from the book they are going to need to have this information; it’s vital to their characters and explaining how and why they have developed into hunters. I feel that it could have been scattered more lightly in places as the book, Sam’s flashbacks were a good way of getting the information to the reader without it feeling like you were purposefully getting their backstory. We see the story unfold from each of their perspectives which I was pleased with, both characters are so big in their presence I worried that one of them would become too dominant.

Overall reading the book made me want to go back and watch the series, especially the two episodes its set between. It was rushed at the end but it was an enjoyable read that captured Sam and Dean in all of their hunter’s glory. A must read for any Supernatural fan who can’t wait for the next season!


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