Betrayals – Kelley Armstrong



The fourth book in a series that can be read as standalone novel although, I wouldn’t recommend that, you need to read them all! Olivia Taylor-Jones, born Eden Marsden who in the first book found out that she is daughter to ritualistic serial killers and is on the hunt to free her father who she and lawyer Gabriel believe to be innocent in the crimes while leaving her mother in prison. (And breathe!)

I am forever in love with all of Kelley Armstrong’s novels and this series is no exception. Not only must Olivia find a way to free her father she has also found out that she is a reincarnation of Matilda from Welsh legend, a woman doomed to death after she is betrayed by both her fiancé and her friend.  Long story short it’s a love triangle where Olivia’s decision will affect the life of the fae around her. Didn’t I mention that she was part fae? Oops. Her choices are Gabriel, lawyer to those who don’t deserve a defence, a reincarnation of Matilda’s fiancé who just so happens to be king of the fae. Or she can choose Ricky, a biker studying at university who just so happens to Cwn Awn, or better known as leader of the hunt – death essentially. Her decision will enable power to one side but which one will she choose?

Right, got that? Now onto the novel. By now for those who have read the previous books we are familiar with our main trio but for those just picking up the books it provides droplets of information while throwing us straight into the characters. For new readers it may be too much but, for followers, it was a brilliant way to start the novel, fast paced and straight into the thick of it. Once it reaches its height in the middle of the novel it does dip in action quite quickly, losing the pace which you are drawn into. Of course this is intentional with Olivia hospitalised, albeit not for long.

The case that Olivia, Gabriel and Ricky are working on is loose and only crops up when the plot demands it. Personally, I would have liked there to be more focus on the case with the love triangle being a secondary plot point as the ending did seem rushed which is unlike the previous novels. The rogue huntsman and the killer of the lamia (a type of fae) wrapped up slightly too neatly for me after some confusing points in who is who and how they are all related to one another.

It wasn’t my favourite novel in the series but it has provided me with some of my favourite moments. Gabriel finally acknowledging his feelings for Olivia and acting on them in his own way, Ricky’s dilemma as to whether him and Olivia should still be a couple when there are larger forces are work and finally, Olivia not being so blind to the help that is around her. They come together as a team like they have never before and prove to the elders and the Cwn Awn that they are the leaders of their own destiny.

I’m not a fan of live triangles but the added mix of the supernatural and the reincarnation makes it an interesting and fun read. Olivia’s and Ricky’s excursions on the bike are nice reprieves from the over bearing question of who she will choose. I am Team Gabriel, while I like Ricky, he is a character who understands their predicament and wants to enjoy what they have in the moment but Gabriel … he may be brooding, annoying in his lack of displayed emotion and dangerous in his exploits he is the right person for Olivia in the long run. Ricky is good for the here and now but Gabriel is always thinking about their future, whether they are together or not and just wants to be a part of it no matter how much it hurts him to see her with Ricky. Or maybe I’m just drawn to him because I like brooding characters? You can decide.

The novels ending was unexpected and is something that I hope will finally push Olivia to make the decision she needs to without dying in the process. She can be as annoying and stubborn as the men in this novel but she wholly herself and that is something I cannot fault her for when she is still discovering herself, their past and how she can use her powers to help them all.


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