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Self Imposed Book Ban

As the title suggests I have a self-imposed book ban. Things have been getting hectic in my home life and I’m going to share a few of them with you so you know why I’m taking a small step back. I am not going to stop reading! I want to make this very clear, I will be bringing you reviews of books every week the only thing is that they may not be recent books.

And here’s why.

I’m moving to Australia for a year. It’s great and I’m so excited to be able to go there and experience life in a new way.  But this brings about new problems. I have a huge tbr (to be read) pile … Like huge!


Look at it. And that’s not even all of it. I have a bookcase in another room full of books to read. I need to read a book a day to get through it all which means I will not be requesting any new books or buying any new books (my bank account is actually going to love me!) and it’s killing me. I haven’t even entered any competitions to win books either, I can’t risk winning them. The thing is moving to Australia isn’t the only reason.

I’m getting married which is singularly the most exciting and nerve wracking time of my life! Any spare time I have I’m answering emails, making arrangements or staring at my wedding folder like it’s the work of the devil. Simply put, I’m busy which means new books will have to take a back seat.

But fear not! In light of not being able to take physical books with me to Australia I have been buying ebooks on kindle and iBooks which is working out to be cheaper and easier to manage. Below is an image of my online library so don’t worry there is plenty of books there for me to read while I’m in Australia.

I just hope you can all bear with me while I work through the next month of frantic organising and even more frantic reading to get through them all. Some book will have to wait until I get back and I know this but, if there are any books on kindle or iBooks (which are cheap or on sale) which you think I will love let me know. The books above will not last long down under.


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