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Wedding, Graduation and the “Next Step”

  So, you may or may not have noticed that I have been sorely inactive for the past two weeks and, if you missed my previous blog post, I’ll give you a quick recap before moving onto what’s happening now. I am now married! On the 22nd October I married my best friend and the… Continue reading Wedding, Graduation and the “Next Step”

Book Reviews

Forest of Ruin – Kelley Armstrong

With this being the final book there will be spoilers not only for this book but for the whole series. You have been warned. The final book in Armstrong’s Age of Legends trilogy and we pick up where we left off. Ashyn and Moria are separated and seem to be in completely different worlds to… Continue reading Forest of Ruin – Kelley Armstrong

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The Loney – Andrew Michael Hurley

  The winner of the Costa book Award in 2015; I have been meaning to read this book for a while and never got the chance, until now. A creepy cover featuring a lonesome house of boggy moorland with a vague blurb about brothers, one mute the other his closest and only friend. I was… Continue reading The Loney – Andrew Michael Hurley