Wedding, Graduation and the “Next Step”



So, you may or may not have noticed that I have been sorely inactive for the past two weeks and, if you missed my previous blog post, I’ll give you a quick recap before moving onto what’s happening now.

I am now married! On the 22nd October I married my best friend and the day was incredible. Nothing went wrong and we were back in bed before we knew it. The whole day was a blast. The week before the wedding I was very, very busy finalising everything and making sure we had bought all that we needed; thus my inactivity leading up last Saturday.

Two days after the wedding I went up to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London for my third time with my family. Safe to say, we enjoyed every second of it. We travelled up on the 24th, had the tour at 5pm and travelled back on the 25th. I was shattered after such a busy weekend.

And the final big event of this week was my graduation. I graduated with a First class honours degree in Creative Writing from the University of Saint Mark and Saint John in Plymouth. This took place on Thursday the 27th in the morning and in the afternoon I went for a meal with my family.

Now if you read my previous blog post or have been following me on Twitter you will know that I am travelling to Australia, in two days to be exact. So, as well as getting married and graduating I’ve been preparing for our travels to Australia which will last approximately a year. Now this is year I come to the “Next Step.”

My name is changing from Collins to Jarwood and I plan to phase this in over my social media platforms. I will leave Collins in brackets but soon I will be purely known as Jarwood.

I will be doing a refit for my blog. If I am able the name of my blog will be changing from “Ramblings to of an Aspiring Author” to “Ramblings of a Writer” with a new logo to go with it. This will be implemented towards the end of November so have no fear I will be posting reminders closer to the time.

I am taking part in NaNoWriMo again. The start will be shaky as I am flying to Australia for the first few days of it but, I will catch up and I will post a weekly update on here as to my feelings about how the experience is going.

And I think that is it. Until I am fully settled in Australia my posts will be few and far between but, when I am, everything will return to normal. Thank you for bearing with me as I go through this massive change in my life and rest assured the book blogs will be coming back soon!


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