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Capering on Glass Bridges – Jessica Hernandez

  The book begins following Kaia Stone as she is chosen with one other to travel to Mar in order to deliver a message that has the power to change the course of that lands future. I will be honest I wasn’t sure what was happening in the book to begin with. We are introduced… Continue reading Capering on Glass Bridges – Jessica Hernandez

Book Reviews

HHhH – Laurent Binet

A book that caught my eye long before I got the chance to read it; sat on my bookshelf I could not think of a better time to read it as I prepared to leave my home and travel. About the attempted assassination of Reinhard Heydrich it follows the Czeck and Slovak whose duty it… Continue reading HHhH – Laurent Binet

Book Reviews

Beautiful Broken Things – Sara Barnard

THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS A book I heard good things about and I couldn’t resist when I saw in my local supermarket. The blurb captured me, Caddy and Rosie are best friends but, when newcomer Suzanne arrives, dynamics change and friendships are evaluated. Not only does this book deal with the trials of friendship but… Continue reading Beautiful Broken Things – Sara Barnard