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Frostblood – Elly Blake


I was given this ebook from Netgalley for an honest review.

 Frostblood oddly enough tells the tale of a Fireblood, quite possibly the last one in existence. Ruby lives a quiet life with her mother in the mountains, trying to hide the gift that has been bestowed upon her. That is, until the King’s soldiers arrive with orders to take her in as a prisoner. Imprisoned, she is given the chance of escape and revenge upon the King from her rival Frostbloods which she takes. From this point on the reader is taken through a heart wrenching journey as we discover that there are more powers than merely frost and fire at play.

Having been recommended this book by a friend I delved in head first and was not disappointed. The book is extremely fast paced which suited it well. Within a chapter months pass as Ruby is led through her training by Brother Thistle and Arcus, the Frostbloods. Broody and potent to mood swings, Arcus is well suited to Ruby, always testing her patience to try and get her to understand the need for total discipline in controlling her element. Ruby is wilful, angry and filled with too much power; a dangerous combination.

The laws of YA dictate that Ruby and Arcus will fall in love (I’ve been reading a lot of YA at the moment) but, Blake has managed to do this very well compared to other books I have read. Most have insta-love but not this couple, and with months passing in chapters when we come back to the characters they have developed away from the readers eyes meaning, at least to me anyway, that there love/attraction/affection (feel free to choose whichever word you desire) is more than just an insta-love. They have trained with one another, eaten together, the time they have spent together away from the reader is just as important as what the reader is given access too.

The plot itself is brilliant. While a prophecy of a chosen one had been written a lot recently Blake has given it her own life and purpose so it doesn’t feel like an overdone plot device. The book I would compare to The Queen of the Tearling. Ruby very much reminds me of Kelsea from the Tearling, particularly in the second book and third books, The Invasion of the Tearling and The Fate of the Tearling (reviews will be linked below). With an almighty power Ruby is pulled between the forces darker than herself and she must learn to control such powers if she wants to help Arcus save and restore the kingdom.

There are other elements at play while Ruby’s life unfolds. Blake gently weaves in details about the other God’s, their creations which lay the ground work for the ending of the novel and the rest of the series.

I would recommend that all people who love fantasy to go out and buy this book. It promises to be the start of a very good and well written series!


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