Book Reviews

Ida – Alison Evers 

I received this book from netgalley for an honest review.

Ida Wagner, an Australian girl who is living in limbo after completing high school and has decided to get a job to tide her over until she can figure out what to do with her life. And her life isn’t too bad. With her partner Daisy off at university she spends most of her days working while waiting for Daisy to come home. Oh, and there is one more thing, Ida can time travel and she does so, all of the time. Said the wrong thing, go back and say something else; dropped her cup of tea, that’s fine she won’t drop it next time. All of these changes begin to build up until Ida isn’t sure what is real anymore.

Of course that would be fine if she was actually travelling in time. What Ida fails to realise is that she is in fact travelling to parallel universes, pushing out the self that lives within that space and taking its place, sometimes with deadly consequences. As the novel unfolds we watch helplessly as Ida is manipulated by her other selves for their own end. 

I enjoyed the book, fast paced and extremely well written with great, developed characters the book is one that people should be reading. The complexity of the universes that are created is woven beautifully together by Evans and they have evoked a brilliant feeling of being lost, I as the reader felt lost within Ida’s worlds. There is a consistency within each universe which keeps you floating just above the surface before you are dragged under. I cannot think of any qualms as to why the different universes does not work and I loved how developed the other Ida’s were and how, their own unique personalities came through in the short glimpses we had of them.

I am now going to talk about the gender identities within the novel. I will admit to being ignorant about the various identities that are now in society. I think Evans is doing great work within the novel to normalise the identities that are present. They present them with a small bit of information and then carry on with the story and I think this is a good way to do it. It was the up to me, the reader, to then look up if I didn’t already know about it and educate myself which is a clever way to incorporate it as I am now more aware when reading and meeting new people.

The addition of the time travelling, universe hopping couple could have been developed more. There is a distinct feeling that they too have their own intriguing story which I want to know about. Evans has piqued my curiosity with them and I hope they will return in the next book (I don’t know if there will be a second book, I hope there is) or, we get a standalone story with the two of them reliving one of their past or future adventures. 

As far as I’m aware this book is currently only out in Australia and I hope that it manages to get the rights it needs to come to the United Kingdom. This is a book that needs to be shouted about from the rooftops and shared with as many people as possible.


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