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Luna Wolf Moon – Ian McDonald 

I received this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review. 

The second book in a science fiction series set to rival Games of Thrones with its political subterfuge, hidden secrets on a location which has no easy escape route, the Moon. I loved the first book and requested the second as soon as it became available. The Corta’s have been scattered and everybody is blaming the Mackenzies while the Sun’s play their silent waiting game. 

The novel begins Lucas Corta following his daring escape from the Moon as he puts a plan into motion that will either kill him or bring the Corta’s back to their rightful place on the Moon. He wants to travel to Earth. Moon born, his muscles are not made for Earth’s gravity and his immune system will not be able to cope with the diseases and virus’s found on the planet below. Of course he still plans to go. And while Lucas lets the Moon believe he has died his son, Lucasinho, struggles to to find his new place on the Moon. His cousins are held hostage by rival families and must fight for their own survival in a place where everyone wishes them dead. 

And that’s just the Corta’s! The Mackenzies are fighting with one another and after an event that rocks their family balance they too are on the verge on extinction. All of this happens with the Sun’s and the Earth looking on, each biding its time until they are able to strike. 

I will admit that I can get confusing with so many different characters and no chapter heading introducing the characters (I probably said the same thing in the first book review) but, with each character having their own distinct voice it doesn’t take long to work out whose section you are reading. McDonald has created some truly unique characters that take you on their individual journey.

What I loved about this book was seeing Earth in a present state rather than through analepsis. There are snippets about the Earth on the Moon but, here we see how Earth politics differ to the Moon’s and how they work together (or not as the case maybe). We are shown how the Earth has changed since Adrianna Corta left for the Moon and how it has evolved alongside the futuristic Moon with resources becoming scarce and wars on the verge of breaking out.

The book gives us plenty of action while remaining firmly rooted in the polictial tensions and agendas. There are more explosions and even more heart wrenching moments from characters that may surprise you. Having read online that this was meant to be a duolgy I’m so glad that it’s not. The world that has been created is so vast that I hope McDonald continues with this series further. Having read Game of a Thrones I would happily say that I have enjoyed these two books more than the six mamouth sized books written by George. R. R. Martin. 

This book is due to be released on the 22nd of March 2017.


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