Book Reviews

Cinder – Marissa Meyer

Cinder, the classic story retold in such a way that will leave you speechless and wanting more. Cinder is a cyborg, part human,part machine which makes her the best mechanic in New Beijing but also, an outcast to all who know her true self. Taken in by her reluctant stepmother after her adoptive father dies Cinder spends her days working in the market to bring in enough money to appease her stepmother while trying to save for her escape. That is until the Prince himself visits her stall and sets in motion a love story that cannot be and a quest to save New Beijing.

Set in a futuristic world this novel combines science fiction and fairy tale seamlessly while still remaining true to the original plot. Cinder is still the trapped princess, harassed by her step mother and at least one step sister while having to ensure the running of the house almost single handed. Cinder is wrapped in a mystery as questions into her past arise throughout the novel and whether relations between cyborg and humans can progress.

The futuristic world that Cinder lives in is something that could very well be our future. A world torn apart by war with one another only to be untied against a common enemy. But, in many more ways this world is much like our own now. Poverty is ripe and those deemed to be different are looked down upon and shunned. Children and teenagers are forced into work while others look on without a care. As science fiction can be a reflection of our lives on a distant world Meyer has captured our world today in horrifying detail.

A disease spreads across the lands, killing all who come into contact with it. Apart from Cinder. If any readers were unsure of how important she is this changes it all. As her step sister begins to show signs, Cinder, in the face of certain death stays with her sister. Her courage and humanity are traits which we should all strive for.

Cinder has become my favourite reincarnation of Cinderella (if you hadn’t already guessed). An outcast who plays a bigger role than simply “marrying the prince” she is a character that people should aim to be like, putting others before herself.

The conclusion to this novel truly shocked me. Considering its origins and the plot progression I was expecting a small fairy tale ending, not a huge show of undying love but a small acceptance of who Cinder is. I could not be more wrong. While it’s conclusion was unexpected it has set up the next in the series perfectly and I can’t wait to read more of these bad-ass women in this deadly environment.


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