Wayfarer – Alexandra Braken

Etta has been separated from Nicholas. Nicholas has made a deal with Etta’s mother which he knows can change at any moment in the hope of getting back to Etta. Sophie has been left for dead but with Nicolas’s help they go in search of the NAME each for their own reasons. Little do they know they are being hunted. As they hurl themselves down back alleys and make even more questionable deals and alliances, Etta, is slowly drifting away from them and soon they will be separated forever.

The second and final book of this duology had me hooked from beginning to end. With new characters and plots being introduced the novel was fast paced as it reached its heart wrenching conclusion. Etta has been thrown from her timeline to the last point in the timeline which matches her own. She wounded and alone until she is rescued by a man not much older than herself who takes her to a safe place. After a daring escape attempt on Etta’s part we are finally introduced to her father, another piece in the puzzle. Unfortunately he and his family have other ideas, instead of retrieving the astrolobe and correcting the timeline they wish to destroy it, essentially resetting the timeline and sending everyone back to their own times.

While Etta is struggling to come to terms with her fathers wishes Nicholas is sent across the timeline and the world in search of a way of getting back to her. In doing so he makes a deal with a witch which ha deadly consequences. I really loved the book until this point. The powers of time travel being inherited seemed like a solid idea, for me the rules of this world were solely that but, to include a witch? That pushed the boundaries of this world too far for me and it broke the spell of the book (no pun intended). I was no longer immersed in this cat and mouse chase, I was an outsider wondering if magic like this exists why can’t they use that to fix the timeline? If magic had been introduced within the first book I think I would have been okay with it but halfway through the final book didn’t work for me.

That was my only let down. The rest of the story was engaging and well written with new and old characters coming together in the final showdown. The ending- as I mentioned before- was heartbreaking but even more so because I as a reader knew it was coming. The foreshadowing and groundwork laid out in the both novels came together perfectly for this bittersweet ending.

A more final thing that I loved overall has been Brackens way of looking at history and asking, what would happen if I changed this? These alternative versions of history were brilliant insights into what could have been and the repercussions it would have only life today. The world that Etta returns to may not be her world, it may not even be our world and I loved that I didn’t know.

If you have read this review and thought “this look like a good series” I heartily encourage you to pick up the first book Passenger (review can be found below). A series about love through the ages and how far one will go to achieve utopia, love and family.


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