Book Reviews

Evanescent – Gabriella Lepore

I received this book free from Oftomes on a newsletter. 

During the night Bronwen wakes to her grandmother telling her she must run and seek refuge in a castle where she must ask for  protection from the masters of said castle.  When she arrives she is greeted by Felix, a man who is hiding more than just his own secrets. 

From the blurb this book held a lot of promise which it failed to deliver for me. Bronwen seems to have no mind of her own and follows the wishes of her grandmother and later Felix blindly, despite having only just met him. The book really annoyed me and I regret giving it two stars on goodreads. If I could have, I would have given it one and a half. The only interesting and slightly more entertaining part of the novel is the actual curse which I would have loved to know more about. There is a whole world which has been completely ignored for the sake of a love story and even more annoyingly an insta-love. The only time we get any information as to the curse is at the beginning and the end, throughout we are just as blind as Bronwen. 

I’m sorry, this book may be what people want to read of a romance fantasy but for me it was the same old stereotypes and stories with nothing new being added. And don’t get me wrong I like romance in fantasy and, if it is done right fantasy books which hinge on romance but this book failed to deliver for me. The only part of the book I liked was the prologue. A real sense of fantasy and evil lurked within those first few pages which were then lost as we travelled to the present day. 

I wish I could talk more about positive aspects of this book but I’m afraid I can’t. Some books aren’t for everyone. 


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