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Every Dark Corner – Karen Rose


The latest instalment in Rose’s multiple city romance genre series following Decker, an undercover agent who wakes from a coma after being shot to find Special Agent Kate Coppola leaning over him. Cue a chase to locate a child kidnapper who films child pornography, all the while they try to deal with their pasts and find a way to channel their developing feelings for one another.

What I loved about this book was that it was a continuation of the previous book Alone in the Dark, where they caught a child abuser but, the case opened up to reveal a wider network. Decker was the undercover agent within this network (not the child pornography side) who risked his life to get this new information to the agents within the last novel. With the trauma of being shot he initially cannot remember the exact information he needs so Kate offers her help to him by comforting him and calming him so that he can focus on what he needs to find.

I know I complain about insta-love but, I have been reading Karen Rose’s books for so long and she writes it so well that I won’t complain about it within any of her novels. Decker and Kate never express love for one another, simply a deep infatuation with one another and a need to spend time with one another. Like in all of her books her characters are flawed and crave intimacy. Kate is a widow and traumatised from the death of her brother in law while Decker has not experienced intimacy for the entire length of undercover work. They both had a troubled childhood. What makes Rose’s books so enjoyable is the joy that they find with each other after experiencing all of their heartache; they fit together well and help heal each other.

While in the past I may have guessed how it all came together I wasn’t able to with this novel. With paranoia at an all-time high within the team I was suspecting everybody of being involved even though it was clear that they were not! Rose writes paranoia and mystery so well and I would love to see her change it up for a possible stand-alone novel involving characters that I’m not too emotionally invested in. I don’t think I could bear anything to happen to them or perhaps realise that they were the villain all along!

The novel ends in a high tension shoot out almost leaving some of the team injured. Thankfully they all make it through but more questions are raised by the reader as to whether they buyer of the children will be making a return appearance in later novels or, are have they just vanished into the shadows never to be seen again.

I also loved how the world is expanding a new characters are being introduced and how old ones keep making reappearances. That is the beauty of Rose’s writing, while the cities may change and characters move on they still keep in contact with one another and somehow impact on each other. While I pray for a revival of some of the beginning characters I love to see the new faces that come along. The young police officer within this book, Kendra, really stood out for me even though she doesn’t get a lot of “face time”. I hope as the series continues Kendra or her sister Wendi get their own novel. I think their dynamic could make for an interesting novel. Another character I hope gets their own novel is Danni Novak, a doctor and sister to Deacon Novak, a detective in the team. I think there is so much that can be explored with her and whether she will have a relationship after being diagnosed as HIV positive. I won’t name any more character that I want to have their own novels; the list will be too long!

To conclude I loved this book like I have all of her previous novels. Her next book is out in the UK in the next few days so expect to see another review for Karen Rose’s book in the next few weeks!


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