Book Reviews

Reading Slump

There will be no book review today simply because I am still reading the book I was meant to be reviewing. Since coming back to the UK, and specifically going back to work, I have found myself in an odd place.

Before when I was working I relished the chance to read and escape from the monotonous way of life and now, I cannot reach that escape. I do not have the energy to read and lose myself in a books luscious pages. Instead I sit and scroll through Facebook, digesting  other peoples lives through status updates and likes.

And I hate myself for it.

I should be eager to read and write and finally carve my mark and start to come into my own, but I can’t because nothing has changed. I have been back at work for three weeks now and it is still exactly the same as I left it eight months ago. I am back to saving money for mine and my husbands future which I can’t wait for but what do I do in the mean time? My job hunting is fruitless and with each passing day I am slowly retreating into myself.

I need a change. I need a routine.

So in the process of writing this post I have decided that I shall have set things to do each day besides going into work. Whether that is to apply for three jobs or read fifty pages of my book I will set aside time to slowly come back into myself and push myself that little bit further.

Sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting when you clicked on this link but just writing this out has helped me. Making plans and writing them down makes them seem a more concrete than thoughts of “maybe I should do this today…”

If you have stuck with this to the end thank you and I will try to get a book review or something book related posted on Wednesday for you! 🙂



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