The Spawn of Lilith – Dana Fredsti


I received this book free from Titan books for an honest review.

Lee is a stunt woman and a very good one at that. Having trained most of her life to do the dangerous falls and fight scenes, her nerves are shaken after she falls from high story building and barely lives to tell the tale. Six months later and as she begins to start working again she is hired to work on a film which slowly escalates to her becoming the main lead as the first actress is killed.

I really enjoyed this novel. While it is set within the realms of the supernatural it doesn’t feel out of place or pushed on the reader. In fact I would personally say I would have loved to have seen more of the supernatural elements within the novel instead of them being a background feature. As the series progresses I can see how they can come to the forefront more and can aid Lee in hunting down the spawn of Lilith.

The actual detailing of what Lee is meant to accomplish and what she is wasn’t very well explained, or at least I didn’t fully understand. We are given a small bit of information at the beginning of the novel and then the next time it is mentioned is at its conclusion with a whole lot of nothing in the middle. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this except I wasn’t entirely sure of it in the beginning so for a huge info-dump at the end didn’t help cure my confusion. I got that she needs to kill other children of Lilith to set her free but I’m not sure why?? Hopefully that will be explained more in the upcoming books.

I liked Lee as a character, she did seem a bit two dimensional at times but, this may be due to the fact that she suffers from recent memory loss and is trying to rediscover her boundaries and relationships with people. She is very bad ass though. Like I wish I could be a stunt woman bad ass. She doesn’t take any crap and despite being a human still manages to hold her own with the supernaturals. What Lee also shows is how women are/can be treated within the entertainment industry. From the news reports and women speaking out we know have a better idea of the pay inconsistencies between men and women and what women have to do to get ahead within the industry. While Lee may not speak out all of the time she speaks out when it is required and will have an effect on the job she is doing.

Overall I loved the book. There is plenty that can be worked on and developed upon in future outings with Lee and I’m intrigued to see how it Lilith fits into Lee’s overall character progression and; I hope when she does make an appearance she lives up the mystery that currently surrounds her.


This book is released in the UK on the 20th June 2017.


Image from Goodreads.


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