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City of the Lost – Kelley Armstrong

A book I started reading last year but didn’t get around to completing this year; I started reading it as an e-book series but found this wasn’t holding my attention but, when I delved into the physical copy I could not put it down. Casey Duncan is a detective with a dark past which she… Continue reading City of the Lost – Kelley Armstrong

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Lost Boy – Christina Henry

What happens when you take a well-known and beloved children’s story and let Christina Henry write a prequel? You get a dark and grisly novel that leaves you questioning whether Peter was the hero of the story after all. This is the tale of Hook and how Peter made the villain we read and see… Continue reading Lost Boy – Christina Henry

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Blackwing – Ed McDonald

  I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review. The Misery is a place you only go to if you’re stupid or have a death sentence. Luckily for Ryhalt Galharrow he’s too drunk to fully use his intellect and doesn’t have a lot to live for. He spends his days… Continue reading Blackwing – Ed McDonald