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Edge of Darkness – Karen Rose

As always Rose’s book hits the ground running with a young man, Andy tied up and forced into an unwinnable situation. Coerced into trying to take the life of Dr Meredith Fallon he ends up dead as he is unable to follow through with the act. With one of their own friends in the firing… Continue reading Edge of Darkness – Karen Rose

Book Reviews

Strange Weather – Joe Hill

  I received this book from Gollancz in return for an honest review. A collection of four short novels focusing on some of the main issues facing America to this day it was exactly what I needed to get me out of my reading slump. The first novella Snapshot, follows Michael Figlione from a young… Continue reading Strange Weather – Joe Hill

Book Reviews

Blogging and 2018!

I’m back! I seem to be saying this more frequently than I would like, over the course of the last three months my life has become slightly more hectic meaning, there has been less time from reading and writing and I will now tell you why. You may remember that I started NaNoWriMo back in… Continue reading Blogging and 2018!