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July Round Up 2018

July has been and gone and we are more than half way through the year now! Throughout July I managed to read five books! If I can manage to keep this up I may even be able to beat my Goodreads challenge. I’ve fallen a bit behind on writing book reviews for July which I… Continue reading July Round Up 2018

Book Reviews

The Bastard Legion, Friendly Fire – Gavin Smith

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review. Miska is back with her legion of criminals which will test her already strenuous leadership skills. After just scraping by in their last mission, with not much in the way of money to keep them going, Miska takes on another job to… Continue reading The Bastard Legion, Friendly Fire – Gavin Smith

Book Reviews

The Bastard Legion – Gavin Smith

I received a free physical copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Miska Corbin is in over her head and loving every second of it. Having stolen a ship aptly named the Hangman’s Daughter; it carries prisoners who are living in suspended animation who Miska begins to train in a shared virtual… Continue reading The Bastard Legion – Gavin Smith