About Me

My name is Mary Jarwood and I have graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Creative Writing from the University of St Mark and St John in Plymouth, and believe it or not, I love to read (I know right, a creative writing student who loves to read; what’s new there?). I own a substantial book collection which I soon hope to turn into a personal library when I have the room.

My favourite authors are Kelley Armstrong (there will be a lot of reviews on her books), Karen Rose, Karin Slaughter and Richard Montanari (the author that got me into crime fiction), to name a few.

With each book I read there always comes a conversation in my head as to whether the book was good or not and what made it that way; this is where the blog comes in. While I enjoy discussing books with others that I know and I equally enjoy discussing books with people that I don’t and that’s where you come in. If you’ve read a book that I’ve reviewed please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it!

With each new blog post I will link it to my twitter account so if you don’t want to keep checking back here you can follow me at @Mary94Jarwood.


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